The Gay Agenda is performance art designed to foster love and acceptance.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little bit about The Gay Agenda . . .

The Gay Agenda is a direct community action and will be presented in mid-size conservative towns across the country.

We will set up a domestic scene inside a public storefront. Two men or two women will inhabit the space as a couple for several days at a time (excluding overnight).

The Gay Agenda presents a clear image of what gay domesticity really looks like, the occupants performing the normal, routine, mundane tasks of any couple: vacuuming the carpet, making coffee, reading the paper, playing cards with friends, ordering pizza, watching TV, etc.. No intimacy beyond what might be acceptable for any heterosexual couple in front of children will be presented; ie, it will be limited to casual contact -- hand-holding, an arm around each other, a casual kiss hello/goodbye, etc.

The Gay Agenda as conceived here should be incredibly boring to watch.

All professional photography by Ange:


  1. hey, just a helpful tip, I have a fb page and when you make the like box you have to change the URL to the URL of your facebook page (something they don't really tell you). Right now it is set to like the "Facebook Platform" page, not the Gay Agenda page. (you can delete this comment once you fix it.)

  2. hey, THANK YOU for reminding me, I saw this but haven't had time to change it, been so busy launching the new facebook page etc and i'm doing this all by myself lol. i'll fix it today. thanks for being so helpful, I mucho appreciate it

  3. I wrote this on your Facebook question asking for suggestions, but I'd really like to plug College Station, TX as a possible location for this.

    Last year, the Texas legislature attempted to pass a law making it illegal for a campus to have a LGBT or Women & Gender center without an equal amount of money provided for a "traditional family values center." As offensive as this was (do LGBT people not have "traditional" values? What even constitutes "traditional," anyway? Isn't all of society a "traditional family values center?"), the student senate at Texas A&M (in College Station) passed a resolution supporting this bill and asking the university to do the same thing. Eventually, the bill was vetoed at the state level but not before some irreparable harm was done to the entire A&M and College Station community. Horrible essays were printed in our college paper (, and the administration refused to even acknowledge that non-heterosexual folk on campus were feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually threatened.

    Perhaps the pinnacle of the whole debacle was when the student group Texas Aggie Conservatives secretly videotaped a "Safe & Fun Sex Seminar" publicly hosted by another student group that received no university funds. The TAC then broadcast the video, attempting to spread misinformation that it was sponsored by the GLBT Center and then called on the administration and the Texas legislature to defund the center.

    It's been a tough year in a tough town. Bringing your performance piece could ignite a lot of conversations and help to quell a lot of vitriol, I think. If you would like to email me, you can reach me at gwnicho AT tamu DOT edu.

    Thank you